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About Us
Evergreen Naturalworks/Candleworks is a GREEN family-owned business nestled in the rolling hills on a farm in Missouri. We strive to produce products that are healthier for people and better for the environment. Our candles are handmade from all-natural soy wax. The wicks are 100% cotton (no lead, tin, or zinc core). Soy wax burns much cleaner than paraffin wax - no potentially toxic emissions. We use 100% Solar & Wind power in making our products and we reuse and recycle everything possible. (And yes, wind turbines are bird friendly!)  In addition, soy wax is a renewable resource made from soybeans grown by U.S. farmers.
Soy wax candles may be a little more expensive than conventional paraffin candles, but they burn longer and hold a fragrance better than paraffin wax. Soy wax also cleans up with soap and hot water, unlike paraffin which requires toxic solvents. Because the wax cleans up so easily, customers can use the containers again for vases, pantry jars, sugar bowls, or holding potpourri, nuts, candy, jam, snacks, cotton balls, powder, Q-tips, pins, paper clips, tacks, and other odds & ends.

We have been delighted by how people just love these candles! They are sold in numerous stores throughout the U.S. Customers say what they like best is the wonderful fragrance and the all-natural soy wax. When the candle burns it produces a clear melt pool on the top of the candle that looks beautiful!


Linda Stuart, Proprietor

Just a note:

Our candles are not colored - all are shades of white (the only color comes from the aroma oils which tend to change the white a bit). We find the candles burn cleaner (no carcinogens) the less we add. People have taken to the white and really love the Alpineglow candles that way.

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Silky Soy Candle & Bar Sachel $33.50 now $29.50
Silky Soy Candle & Bar Sachel $33.50 now $29.50

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Green Organic All-Natural soy candles and bars that burn cleaner, longer, and more fragrant. Clean soywax with soap and water and reuse the elegant and disinctive containers. Our alpineglow candles are created with a vision of health for people and the environment. Our Silky Soy lotion candles & bars with shea & soy heal and moisturize dry, cracked skin and leave it silky.
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